Dec 17, 2012

Favorite Natural Hair Products 2012

Since going fully natural this year I haven't tried many products not because I don't want to but only because I'm cheap and some products are out of my price rang at the moment. Here are a list of my favorite products that I currently or have used just haven't repurchased for whatever reason. If you are a natural chica feel free to post your favorite products and recommendations. 


Jane Carter Solutions Hydrating Invigorating Shampoo SLS- Free

hydrating shampoo $10.00

I had already been using her styling products when I was transitioning and was in search of a hydrating shampoo so when I saw that she had one I decided to get it and try it out because I needed something that would put moisture back into my hair and not strip it. What I like about this shampoo is how it lathers up on the first wash and it moisturizes my like it's supposed to. I would by this product again and would love to try other shampoos

Deep Conditioner:

I love doing homemade protein treatments. I use eggs, mayonnaise, olive oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil and honey in my mixture. I love how it makes my have feel soft, my curls bouncy and hair have more shin to it. Also I'm in currently search of a pre-made deep conditioner.


Giovanni Direct Leave-In-Conditioner

Direct Leave-In Conditioner $7.95

I'm in between conditioners meaning at this point I want you try something new and move on from the one I am using now which is the Giovanni Direct Leave-In- Conditioner. I bought this conditioner because I've heard so many great things about it from people on YouTube. It has okay slip for my hair which is thick and very coily. So since I'm running out I figure this would be the perfect time to try something new.

Styling Product:

The only products I use are my shea butter mix of raw Shea butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil and olive oil, and aloe vera gel. The shea butter mix is great for if you love 100% natural products and are into making your own mixtures. Aloe vera gel doesn't have great hold if your going for a sleek look with buns and puffs but I don't like sleek looks so it works fine for me. It can also be used for a wash and go.

I used to use the twist & lock butter from Jane Carter and loved it haven't repurchased it because at the time when I ran out I wanted to find a cheaper priced alternative to it, but now I wouldn't mind buying it again. It keeps hair moisturized  and adds shine to hair.
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  1. shea is such a universal product! It is great for everything!!! LOL

  2. Loving this post!