Jun 28, 2011

Big Sean on that Beyonce Status

Today I just had to go and get Big Sean and Beyonce's new album and I couldn't decide between just one so I got both. This being Big Sean's debut album  I was pretty please with his work. My Favorite songs on the album are 'My Last'. I Do It, Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay, and Get It. Today He is Finally Famous. Beyonce's 4th album titled 4 is a great body of work. What I'm most pleased with about this album is how she went back to doing more R&B songs. It's a very mature album that I think will do really well on the charts, but is it me or does Run This World (Girls) not fit the album being that it's the last song on the album. Favorite songs of the album are Best Thing I Never Had, Party, Countdown, and End of Time.
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My Shopping Haul

Lace Dress from Macy's 

Chanel Inspired Chain purse from Goodwill

Blouse from Goodwill

Forever 21 & American Eagle shirts from Goodwill

Denim shirt from Goodwill

I love catching a good sale every once in awhile and I haven't been shopping in a minute, but these past days I've been shopping and got some really good things. And everything besides the Lace Dress came from Goodwill. You find some really good items there if you are patient with looking. (It was my first time shopping there).
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Jun 25, 2011

Warm Nights in the City

My mom went to Wal-Mart the other day (Don't judge me lol) and got me these pajama pants and shirts. She said I'm a need them for when I go off to college in New York. I like the shirts but they'll just be worn in my dorm room just like the pants. New York can get very cold in the Winter time. I remember the last time I went to school there I had to put on a bunch of layers just to keep warm. 
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Jun 24, 2011

Va$htie Kola 's Downtown Style Apartment

The latest subject of Refinery29‘s apartment style profiles is overall “it” girl Vashtie Kola. You may know her as any of these titles or maybe some combination or perhaps all, but she has worn many hats in the hip-hop and fashion industries including director, producer, designer, brand ambassador, creative consultant, and vintage enthusiast. Peek into her East Village NYC apartment and the accompanying interview highlighting her newest projects, inspiration and style icons, plus her local picks for dancing and drinks

To Read Interview Here

Vashtie is one of my many inspirations in fashion and everything that she does. I love her apartment and it gives me some ideas as to how I want my New York apartment to look like, but with my own personal touches. She is the woman every man dreams of. Lol 

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Jun 20, 2011

Starting Over...

To put it in the simplest words... I hated the direction my blog was going so I deleted everything and decided to start over. Basically I want this to really represent me in the best way possible, from pictures, to my thoughts and a little more. I did start a new one, but decided to come back and start this one completely over because I will soon be starting school in New York at the end of August and wanted to be able to capture those wonderful moments I know I'll have. Hope you enjoy!