Sep 29, 2011

Cole World of the Our Future History

Even if I didn't feel like walking to best buy I was going to force myself to anyway and get J. Cole and Jason Derulo's new album. I am a huge J. Cole fan and was super excited about this project since this is his first album Cole World: The Sideline Story. I don't find any disappointments with the album whatsoever. My favorite songs are Can't Get Enough, Lights Please, Mr. Nice Watch, In The Morning, Never Told and Work Out. When I listen to Lost Ones I think Nas for some reason don't know why but I do maybe because he's telling a serious story. He can finally shut them haters up talking about him cause of the lack of album for some time. On the other hand with Jason Derulo I like Future History even though I'm getting a little sick of pop music right now lol. I know on this project he stayed away for shouting out his name and the label in the beginning of the songs with I didn't pay attention to at first until I read someones comments about it, but overall it has international appeal. I love Don't Wanna Go Home, It Girl, That's my Shh, X, and Dumb. I feel like X is going to be a single.

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