Oct 20, 2013

Julep Box

Julep is a subscription based website like CurlBox or Ipsy, but for all your nail care needs. You take a quiz and based on your results they create a box of goodies for your hands and feet in nail care. I received my first box and I absolutely love it! I received two cards one welcoming me to Julep and another with the results of the quiz I took for my first box. 

Aug 24, 2013

WiShi: Your One Stop Social Circle For All Your Styling Needs

WiShi is a website that creates the ultimate styling dream from items straight within you own personal closet. I know you all are like "no way how can you style what's in my own closet", but it's very simple. All you do is up load pictures of your clothes you want styled or you can download the WiShi App which edits the backgrounds of your pictures for you and you are well on your way to some awesome styling advice.

Mar 23, 2013

Beauty Giveaway: Lipstick Tattoos (Closed)

In partner of my store Renee I decided my first giveaway for my followers. 1 person will have the chance to win the rose & hello magenta lipstick tattoo. 


  2. Comment below post with name and email

All winners will be contacted via email with 24 hours to respond or another person will be picked. Please feel free to share this giveaway others. Contest ends April 1st at 12 midnight.

Jan 1, 2013

Kardashian Kollection

I have always been annoyed by celebrities turned fashion designer's. I felt that people should sometimes stay in there lane in whatever they do if it's singing or acting etc. So when I heard that the sisters of the Kardashian family were teaming up with Sears to design the Kardashian Kollection, like some I rolled my eyes and wasn't hearing it. It was until recently that I had finally gotten a chance to see it for myself, and too be honest I was totally surprised at what I saw in the collection. It's a nice mix of lounge/casual wear, professional attire, and more dressy/party pieces along with accessories. So I bought one of there logo design shirts from the collection that I love. To find the collection visit your local Sears retailer on website.
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Dec 24, 2012

Happy Holidays

I just wanna wish everybody a happy holiday and a Marry Christmas and that tomorrow you are able to spend it with the ones you love. I know I can't wait, but see you soon with more post and my very first giveaway.

xoxo, Kierra J