Oct 20, 2013

Julep Box

Julep is a subscription based website like CurlBox or Ipsy, but for all your nail care needs. You take a quiz and based on your results they create a box of goodies for your hands and feet in nail care. I received my first box and I absolutely love it! I received two cards one welcoming me to Julep and another with the results of the quiz I took for my first box. 

In my box I received two nail polishes a hand and foot scrub. I've used the foot scrub and I really love it because I was dealing with dry and cracked feet and it after a couple of days had my feet looking good. The nails polishes are great as well because they don't require you to use a top coat and the polish lasts on your nails a while. I haven't used the hand scrub yet but will soon. Over all I would recommend using the service if you are into doing your own manicure and pedicure. Plus if you like a product you receive in your box you can always purchase it again on the site along with other products. 

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