Nov 3, 2011

Ambition and the Concert!

I've always been a huge fan of Wale especially during the Attention Deficit era of his career. What I admire most about him is his drive, hustle and mostly his "Ambition". I understand what people are saying when they say that this album is so different than his debut, but if you don't compare it you'll then learn to like the album for what it is. The album has that sound that fits perfect with his new label home MMG. My favorite song is Don't Hold Your Applause, but I do like Sabotage, White Linen, Lotus Flower Bomb, That Way & DC or Nothing (even though I'm not from DC). I'm so proud of where he's at right now in his career, only so far he can go. 
Courtesy of Binnielove
Yesterday evening Wale had a free concert at The Highline Ballroom for the Release of "Ambition" and I got to attend. It was super crazy, people were trying to get in, but only so many could fit in that small venue! I'm just glad I arrived at the time I did because 20 minutes after I got there the line was mad long. What I didn't know would happen was that there would be people showing up and not having a ticket which was a whole other line. I was there for 3 hours waiting to get in and when I did I was super excited! The show was dope because he brought out NeYo, Miguel and Meek Mill to perform and Rick Ross was there showing support. The song that everyone wanted to hear the most was "Bait", but for me any song from him was cool with me. I enjoyed my self so much, I got to see Wale live!

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