Jul 9, 2011

What's goin' on...

It was nice to take a vacation to Orlando over the 4th of July weekend and not have any worries, but now time is winding down as it comes closer to the date of my departure for New York. I have so many things to do like first (still) find a job, go dorm and school shopping. I have the coolest idea for how I want my dorm room to look, very girly with pink as the main color (my comforter) and black & white as the background colors. On the walls I would love to hang pictures of Marilyn Monroe w/ black frames and a cool black clock as well and a lot more cool black and white pieces. I got my room assignment, but it was a little hard to understand and I think I have more than one roomate (I hope I do), at least room with some guys you know me and another female in one room and two guys in another room to keep it cool and not crazy with a bunch of females. Ugh! The anticipation is killing me, just ready to get over the first meeting of my roomate(s) and classmates. Then everything else won't be so bad.      
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